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As many of you know, DC and Marvel are possibly the biggest competitors when it comes movies and comics. It is always discussed, who would win in a fight, [Justice League](movie:401267) or The Avengers. Who is making more in the box office? And simply, which company is better? Well, I've seen lately that many people side with Marvel because they claim the quality of their movies is great, which I take as they just like them because of the quantity of movies Marvel makes. This can be seen by the box office ratings. In all, DC has made around $5.2 billion at the box office with all their movies combined. Marvels total is around $6.5 billion. So, we can definitely see that Marvel has all in all made more money than DC off their movies. But know lets look at each companies average gross rate. Lets start out with Marvel who has an impressive $201 million average gross rate. That states a pretty successful run in the movie biz. But then theirs DC who rakes in almost $210 million average gross rate. That's a difference of $9 million, both companies have made movies that made less cash then that. It just shows that sure, Marvel makes a ton of movies but the question is, are they quality movies that effort has been put into. We can tell that DC has actually put some effort into their films because they are out grossing Marvel on average by $9 million.

Batman and Wolverine
Batman and Wolverine

Now lets take a look at the characters in the two different comic book world and compare how iconic the characters are. First lets start with Marvel. They sure do have some big name super heroes like Iron Man, [Thor 3](movie:956858), Captain America, Hulk, and lets not forget Spider man and Wolverine. These guys definitely impacted the super hero world but were they iconic or symbolized super heroes in general. Maybe Spider man, Hulk, or even Iron Man or Thor. But honestly, even Marvel fans know that the most iconic and symbolic super hero is Superman of the DC comics. I know for a fact that many of the people who read this will disagree but it's just true. The comic, Action Comics #1, started off the apprised character and TV shows as well as movies followed suit making him very iconic and a symbol for all super heroes including the Marvel heroes. With all of his amazing powers and a very complex back round, he is the perfect super hero to represent. Then there is Batman, possibly the most iconic super hero with no powers. This is controversial because of Iron Man but Batman puts up an amazing fight with his dark past and amazing comics, movies, and, in my opinion, the best villains. Then there is the rest of the clan, Green Lantern, Wonder Women, Flash, Aqua man, and lets not forget my favorite super hero, Martian Manhunter. These may not be the most iconic but they just back up the almighty power that DC carries.

The main seven heroes in the DC universe
The main seven heroes in the DC universe

In the end, I am mostly tired of the feuding between DC and Marvel fans. We all have the same interest in super heroes and we should unite under this interest. We should stop the fighting and see the reasoning in the other persons arguments and hey, maybe we will end up liking both DC and Marvel. I admire the people who love both sides and I feel I am growing closer to that stage. But there are so many people putting DC down, I feel that they deserve more of a chance. So, until we lovers of super heroes unite, I will side with DC for my pure love for the comics and other media sources since I was a child. But don't get me wrong, I do like many things about Marvel, but they just didn't provide the inspiration and love as DC gave to me.

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