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I want to start this with a quick message from me personally. Everything in here is my personal opinion and it is not meant to, in any way, intentionally offend anybody. If you are for some reason then I apologize but I have my right to speak against things I see/read/hear about. Just like you have the right to challenge what I believe. Just do it maturely and respectfully in the comments below.

The Wolf of Wall Street was a brilliant film! Too long for some, too graphic for others, a piece of art for others. I personally thought it was one of the best films of 2013 and deserving of at least 1 Oscar! Granted, Matthew McConaughey did deserve his Best Actor win because he was fantastic in Dallas Buyers Club. However, this article is not about who deserved the Academy Awards, this is about crime and violence.

I have read a number of threads on IMDb, comments on the Facebook page and just general posts on the internet about this film glorifying a criminal life. In short; no... no it doesn't. It's like people thinking that 'Nymphomaniac' is glorifying sex and porn; you must be pretty twisted to watch 'Nymph' and think that the sex in that film was romantic, passionate and desirable (I assure was not!)

It is my complete and personal belief that if anyone looks at the crime going on in this film and thinks 'Holy S**t I want some of that' then you are (insert profanity!). If people think this looks like a glamorous life then you missed the whole point about the film because if anything the idea was to show audiences just how f***ed up a life of fraud, drug addiction, one night stands and the eventual crumbling down of an entire persons physical and mental stability really is.

I can see he crime is portrayed in a happy and non-consequential way most of the time but just like in life and the end of this film, it will not end happily. A life of petty crime is not a happy way to live, just look at the central characters at the end of the film. There is no way that that can be seen an encouraging a life of crime.

I don't know if it is my belief against censorship or belief that on screen violence does not contribute to real life violence, but I just cannot see how anyone can want to live a lifestyle like the one portrayed in 'Wolf'.


Do you think this film glorifies violence?


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