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Vampire Academy was amazing. As a huge fan of the books I can certainly say the movie was actually one of the best Young Adult book to movie adaptions I have seen. I loved the way the characters were brought to life so fully by the cast, especially Zoey Deutch who played Rose Hathaway.

I thought that the movie got terrible reviews considering how wonderful I thought it was. I may be slightly biased as I loved the book but I did insist the my friend who wasn't a fan tag along and she loved movie almost as much as I did. We both agreed that the movie is an awesome teenage girl flick and will go on to be as popular as Mean Girls at sleepovers.

Richelle Mead {author of the best selling series} thinks that the movie is really loyal to her series and quite similar to how she pictured it when writing. Having a high commendation from the author in a book to movie situation is always an amazing thing since they were the first to see the idea. In every review written by fans from the book, I have seen nothing but high praises.

However, [Vampire Academy](movie:609357) Vampire Academy isn't doing as well with the critics. Since it is getting bad reviews, the movie isn't doing as well in the box office. As a fan of the book, all I want is to see the rest of the series come to life. The only way that can happen is if the series does well in the cinemas and with DVD sales.

So if you haven't yet seen it, or even if you have, go see Vampire Academy at your local cinema before it leaves the cinemas. I plan on seeing it twice more before it finishes. I can't wait for the DVD to come out so I will be able to watch it in my bed with endless food and no judgement from the people around me.


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