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While Divergent is rocking America, us poor Australians still have to wait until the 10th of April for the movie to come to us. The reviews over the past four days since the movie came out have been amazing. Fans and non fans united have made over $4.9 million on Thursday {the day it was released} alone.

While I am desperately trying to avoid spoilers on basically every social networking site, I can't help but come across the odd one. I have to say, I love what I am seeing. The film looks amazing and I've been told the cast is amazing. Just by watching the trailers I can tell that the movie is going to be loyal to the book series everyone has come to love.

While on the topic of books I want to say just how much I really want to see the whole book series come to life. The only way for that to be possible is by the fans, whether new or old, going to see the movie as much as possible. Bring friends and family. Bring people who would enjoy the movie and bring those who won't.

We need to be initiates united. Divergent today. Divergent tomorrow. [Divergent](movie:593270) forever. {fandom crossover slightly but the idea still fits.} See the movie as much as you can so we will definitely get too see Insurgent and Allegiant. As well as see the movie, you can also tell everyone you know about how amazing it was.

Tweet about it, blog about it or post about it whatever suits your fancy. Spread the word about Divergent in any way possible. But most if all, I suggest you read the books if you haven't already. Reread them if you already have. The books are the only reason why the movie exists so show your support for Veronica Roth and her series by reading how it started.


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