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Check out the poster for the season finale of AMC's hit zombie apocalyptic series, The Walking Dead:

Image from: ComingSoon
Image from: ComingSoon

This poster seems to hint at the possibility that not all of the current survivors will make it to Terminus. So, we can expect more blood and carnage, as well as more tragic deaths, before season four concludes.

The season finale is titled "A," and it will air Sunday, March 30th. Don't miss it!!!

One quick side note: for you avid [The Walking Dead](series:201193) viewers that love to talk about what goes on in an episode non-stop, please join MoviePilot's live blog for tonight's episode, "Us." It is an exciting way to enjoy a new episode! Here is the link to the blog:

[Source: ComingSoon, via AMC]


Who do you believe will definitely make it to Terminus?


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