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Homeland’s James Rebhorn passed away Friday at the age of 65. He ‘s also known for such films as My Cousin Vinny, The Scent of a Woman, Talented Mr. Ripley and more. Rebhorn also had recurring roles in The Practice, Boston Legal, Third Watch, The Book of Daniel, Law and Order and Big Lake. No cause of official cause of death has been given, but his agent, Rhett Bartlett, has confirmed the news, stating, "He died Friday afternoon, at home. He was a wonderful man and he will be greatly missed."

Please note, Rebhorn was battling skin cancer and had deteriorating health. There is no reason to suspect anything other than him succumbing to illness. Wikipedia has posted, though without a source, that it was his cause of death. He also had a melanoma diagnosis in 1992, which he'd been receiving treatment for ever since. Rebhorn was a determined man, insisting on working throughout his illness.


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