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With Captain America: The Winter Soldier surpassing all expectations, we only have one Marvel movie to fill our fix until next year's Avengers 2, one film between us and Age of Ultron: and this one is going to be much different than the typical Marvel film!

I really do think that making this movie is a ballsy move for Marvel Studios. Not only because these are characters that are virtually unknown, but because it's more sci-fi than superhero. The average film goer would probably look at this trailer or poster and think it's more along the lines of Star Wars than Iron Man. Which isn't a bad thing, except that I do believe the average movie goer is less inclined to watch Sci-Fi, those of us who have been branded nerds our entire life know that Sci-Fi (for some reason) is stereo-typically more nerdier than Superheroes, and seems to appeal to a less broad audience. I could be wrong, with all the hype around Star Wars 7 and how surprisingly well the Abrams Trek movies did maybe we are living in more of a Sci-Fi culture than I give credit for. In my mind this film has already become a hit, and it's not even released yet, here's my reasons why this movie is going to blow us all away, and will, hopefully, get a huge new fan following:

1. We're Getting FIVE new superheroes in ONE film!

Marvel Studios knows that these characters are largely unknown. They know that most people haven't been reading their comics, or seen the singular episode of Avengers: Mightiest Heroes that guest starred the Guardians. One of the biggest things that Avengers did was to introduce us to their characters before they all came together, because of this we were not only invested in each character on their own, but we were also able to explore their backstories in depth. Guardians is a total gamble because we don't know anything about this team yet. This gives people less incentive because they haven't become invested yet. Sounds like I'm making it sound like the movie won't do well? Well I think the opposite is true, I think that Marvel will take all of this into account and do an exceptionally good job at introducing us to each character so we get to know them. If you watch Avengers without watching Thor or Iron Man it could be confusing, but it also wasn't meant to be watched without watching the individual movies first. Marvel is going to make sure to give all the Guardians their own backstory, and decent screen time so that we will know them and love them all.

2. Marvel needs this film to succeed to show us that they can make movies about other obscure characters.

Recognize anyone other than Iron Man and Widow?
Recognize anyone other than Iron Man and Widow?

Marvel Studios has dozens, if not hundreds, of characters that the average movie goer hasn't heard of because not all people are as cool as us comic book nerds! They don't know who [Doctor Strange](movie:559685), Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Wonderman, Wasp or Vision is. They haven't heard of them because they have yet to appear on screen. Ant-Man is slated for next year, as is Vision in Avengers 2. Doctor Strange seems like it's going to go from rumored to announced any day. The thing with Guardians coming up first is that Marvel is staking future movies, and unknown characters, on the idea that Guardians is well received. If it is people will have an even deeper trust for anything bearing the logo "Marvel Studios, and will trust that they'll be putting out consistent great stories. That's a lot of pressure, but Marvel has put a lot into this film because they know they NEED people to like this movie so that the future obscure movies will be trusted.

3. The cast is amazing!

I'll admit I was surprised to see the casting of Chris Pratt as Star Lord. To me he's idiot on Parks and Rec. The trailers have impressed me though, and I'm really excited to see him turn action star!
Zoe Saldona is a wonderfully talented actress no question. She was great in Avatar, but she was mostly CGI. Most of us fell in love with her on Star Trek, and I'm excited to see her with a more action packed character!
Bradley Cooper is voicing Rocket! I'm so excited for this, I know we won't see anything of Brad, only hear his voice, but I've had a huge crush on him since Alias back in the early 2000s, and he's since become one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, not just because he's great to look at, but because his most recent work has really proven his skill as an actor.
Vin Diesel is a fan favorite, he's really popular in the Fast and Furious films, and I'm excited to see him in Guardians. If you know anything about his character Groot at all you know that he's a walking, talking tree, but he can only say one phrase "I am Groot," it's going to be really interesting to see how Diesel has done the dialogue with such a challenging character, he's purely CGI as well, and with only one thing to say he's going to have to get a lot of emotion into those three syllables.
Karen Gillan will be playing one of the main villains, Nebula. She's become a fan favorite from her many years on Doctor Who. It'll be exciting to dig into her backstory and learn more about Thanos through this character.
Lee Pace is playing one of the villainous elves in the Hobbit trilogy and he's been amazing. The elf king is more emotion than his Guardians character of Ronan the Accuser who is much more action!
Michael Rooker has been a fan favorite on the Walking Dead until his untimely death. I'm excited to see him as a blue skinned Yondu. He could easily play ally or foe. It'll be fun to see!
And finally I'm excited to see how Josh Brolin breathes life into our Avengers villain of Thanos. At least according to IMDB he's only lending his voice for the role. I'm excited to see just how much of Thanos we actually get to see in Guardians.

4. Somehow it HAS to tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

The average movie goer needs to realize that this film is directly connected to Iron Man, Captain America and the characters we already know. It needs to be more obvious than just a cameo from the Collector who was in a mid-credits scene in [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462). Marvel has got to make a huge impression as to how these characters are connected to the characters we're all already invested in. They know that the money is in continuity, making people feel like they have to see each film to get an entire overall story, but also it will be very exciting for fans and average film goers alike, to see a cameo from Iron Man or Thor. I'm very confidant that we'll see something huge happen in this movie to make it blatantly obvious that they exist in the same universe, I'm hoping for a Loki cameo! A little far stretched maybe, but Loki did fail to help Thanos with his plan in Avengers, and now that Loki is impersonating Odin on the throne of Asgard he could become a much more valuable chess piece to Thanos. Ok it probably won't be Loki, but it has to be somebody that will make it obvious to the audience that the films connect. Nick Fury, Thor, Iron Man, and Loki are the ones that make the most sense to me, I'm excited to find out!

5. It's all about being fresh and different!

Those who do see it will rave about it with their friends, online, and the movie will (hopefully) take off and surprise people. Those who classified it into the "Sci-Fi" category will be curious about it being a different kind of superhero flick. For example: Frozen really took off, beyond all expectations, because it was more than just another Disney Princess movie, the true love cliche was taken away and it had real deep, rich characters. The film was well written, yes, but it really did well because of fans and word-of-mouth advertising (which of course includes social media, EW and sources like rotten tomatoes.) It is my hope that Guardians will be to Superhero movies as Frozen was to the cliche Disney Princess franchise in a way that the fans love it so much that they will talk about it over and over until it quickly becomes one of the highest grossing movies of the year!

There you have it. My five reasons why Guardians is going to be AMAZING. I'm so excited for this movie I am seriously considering getting onto a plane and going to Disneyland for the weekend. I love Disney, but [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) has opened in the Tomorrowland movie theater a month early. It's very tempting!


How excited are YOU for Guardians?


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