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Emma Stone has earned her salt as the ultimate Spice Girls fangirl by bursting into tears when Mel B spoke to her... In a prerecorded video!

Maybe it was the shock of hearing Scary Spice's abrasive Northern British accent, but Stone seemed to be genuinely moved to tears by the not so close encounter.

The 25-year-old actress was being interviewed by the Australian radio show, '2DayFMBreakfast' about her role in the upcoming [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) when they sprung their sneaky Spice Girl surprise.

The radio hosts explain to Stone that;

Mel B from the Spice Girls is part of our team. She couldn't make it today, but she loves you!

The host can barely spit the sentence out before a wet eyed Stone takes on the look of a flustered Belieber who was offered backstage passes and squeals;

Wait, Mel B. could have been here? I'm gonna cry!
Mel B in 2013
Mel B in 2013

Clearly wishing to zig-a-zig-ahhh Stone into a Spice induced frenzy, the radio hosts then flash up a video featuring Mel B saying 'Hi Emma' and watch the actress lose her s**t! Stone garbles out;

Oh my God, is Mel B. talking to me?" Stone asked. "Oh my God, I'm so excited. I am legitimately crying. I'm the biggest Spice Girls fan ever

Mel B then appears again to throw some serious love right back at Stone much to her absolute fan-frenzied glee. Mel B tells the actress that;

I want to say, I absolutely adore you, I love you and I want to say 'Thank you' for being such a Spice Girl fan. Who knew? But my question to you is, 'Why did you like Baby Spice and not me more? And your punishment for that is that I want you to do a rendition of one of the Spice Girls' songs

Alas, poor Stone was so excited that she couldn't distinguish her "Viva Forever's" from her "Say You'll Be There's" and needed some help from the hosts to even think of an anthem to sing along. Bless!

Check out the super sweet video below;

I have loved Stone since seeing Easy A, but her adoration of the girl power spouting, platform wearing, pop idols has elevated her to a whole new level in my eyes!

I really, really want to see Emma Stone get to perform with her idols. The Spice Girl reunions have seemed so lacklustre in the past, but surely Stone has enough enthusiasm to even put a smile on Posh Spice's poker face!


The correct answer to the who is the best Spice Girl question is...

(Source: On The Red Carpet via 2DayFM)

(Images: Enizer, Sydney Morning Herald, Ryan Seacrest via EMI)


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