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Anne Parsons

It was originally thought that Daniel Farrands would be directing the [Amityville](movie:583500) movie, which opens in January next year, but now we can confirm that the director is indeed Franck Khalfoun!

Bloody Disgusting confirmed the news that P2 and Wrong Turn at Tahoe director Khalfoun, will be getting behind the camera. Not only that, word has it that that Jennifer Jason Leigh (Weeds) will take the lead as Joan, a single mother raising three kids. The story goes that the family move into the 'Amityville' house completely unaware of its very dark history.

The film is to be distributed January 2, 2015 by TWC-Dimension. Can't wait.

Amityville Horror House
Amityville Horror House

(Source: BloodyDisgusting)


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