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Fans of Ralph Bakshi’s 1978 cult animation of The Lord of the Rings can rejoice at some interesting discoveries rescued from the cutting room floor.

The artist's son, Eddie Bakshi has been rifling through the archives hunting out long lost scenes, and a couple of them are of particular interest. Anyone who has seen the film will vividly remember the scene featuring the confrontation between Gandalf and the Balrog in Moria.

The lion-headed creature with the ungainly body of an ape, butterfly wings and a whip paired with a flaming sword for good measure, remains one of the classic renditions of Tolkien’s monster, but there is no sign of Balrog in its worm form.

Now, however the scenes featuring Gandalf's battle through the fall in Moria’s abyss and on the Endless Stair have been discovered and restored to their former glory.

Check out the videos for yourself HERE

Boing Boing spoke to Ralph Bashi to ask him why these epic scenes were not included in the original and it turns out it was just a simple matter of time. He told the online magazine that;

If you’re getting close to delivery, it’s better to cut the animation out to make the scene work, than racing to reanimate it to make the cut work

So, do you guys think that these newly salvaged clips would have improved the original?

(Source: The One Ring)

(Images: Tumblr and Boing Boing)


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