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Not only are the body facists out in force prodding around KStew's barely noticeable weight gain, now some sources are saying she might be pregnant.

I really don't know where to start on this one, it is quite hard to type when you have your palm pressed firmly against your own face. It is despicable how to media scrutinises female celebrities bodies with a microscopic focus instead of turning their attention to their actual careers. It is also clear this rumor is a pack of lies to garner attention.

Sometimes it seems like it really doesn't matter what Kristen Stewart says in her interviews, when asked about possibly having children the star told Marie Clare magazine that;

If I were to put money on it, definitely, yeah. But you earn that, like, that’s so not here yet. I mean, at this point, I can’t tell you if I want to hang out on Saturday

She is also snowed under with work at the moment with a staggering 9 movies to shoot or promote. It must be difficult for Stewart to care for her dogs under all this pressure, let alone a baby!

Predictably, the fictional foetus that Kristen is reportedly harbouring is of course RPatz's child. Hollywood Life claim that the pair spent time together this Valentines day and rumors are taking flight claiming this is when she could have conceived a child. With her ex boyfriend, who she doesn't even speak to and she hasn't been seen with for over 8 months. A likely story!

Does anybody out there really think that Kristen Stewart could actually be knocked up? Surely it is transparent to everyone that this story is about as real as crystal skulls and alien probing?


The KStew pregnancy rumor is...

(Source: International Business Times via Hollywood Life)

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