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Some footage of one of Steven Spielberg's first full length features has been uncovered, and it is everything you would expect from his early work.

Although Spielberg first got acquainted with filmmaking when he was in the boy scouts, Firelight represents a seminal moment in the legendary director's career. It was created when he was just 16-years-old, in 1964 and knocked together for just over $3700.

Alas, the movie ended in disappointment for Spielberg. The 135-minute movie screened at a local cinema and it was all set to be Spielberg's calling card to the industry... until the production company holding the reels went out of business and the material was lost.

Although nearly all of Firelight is irretrievably lost, 4 minutes of footage have somehow managed to survive all this time. So, enjoy wrapping your eyes around it in all it's jerky, fuzzy glory below!

Don't you agree that it is everything you expect from vintage Spielberg? Young protagonists, alien contact and a serious debt to classic sci-fi of the '50s is exactly what I was after.

For those of you who are curious what Firelight was all about, Lost Media has kindly provided a synopsis which reads;

Firelight centers around a group of scientists (namely, Tony Karcher and Howard Richards, the latter of which identifies as a UFO believer) in the fictional town of Freeport, Arizona. They begin witnessing strange coloured lights in the sky, before a plethora of bizarre disappearances take place (animals, humans and inanimate objects alike). The film contains sub-plots involving…Richards’ obsessive quest to prove the existence of aliens to the CIA…Firelight’s twist ending sees three aliens (represented only by shadows) descending on the Earth, revealing their plans to abduct the entire town of Freeport for the purpose of creating a human zoo, back on their home planet of Altaris.

Human zoo! Bravo young Spielberg, bravo!


Would you watch "Firelight' if the footage was mysteriously found?

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