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Thanks again to all you guys who stopped by for The Walking Dead Live Blog last night. It was a whole bunch of fun and I hope to see you all next week for the season finale.

Warning: Gigantic spoilers for Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, "Us", coming up.

After the heartbreak of "The Grove", last night's episode "Us" brought some happiness and hope to the world of the zombie apocalypse. Glenn and Maggie had an emotional reunion, some of the group finally made it to Terminus and Daryl was able to keep his half of the rabbit.

But it wasn't all sugary happiness and joy. Something seriously sinister is bubbling under the surface and it smell a lot like death.

Eugene is getting travel sick

Eugene really doesn't want to go to DC
Eugene really doesn't want to go to DC

The future of civilization apparently rests in the hands of a socially inept gamer who believes the dinosaurs might have been wiped out by the same zombie virus that is now ravaging the Earth.

Does that sound like the thought process of a genius scientist to you?

It's becoming more and more obvious that Eugene doesn't want to go north to Washington DC, which means that he's either terrified of long journeys and getting car sick, or he's full of crap about knowing the reason for the zombie outbreak.

I'm going to go with the latter. While he's undoubtedly a smart guy - surrounding yourself with competent undead killers is a sure way for survival - it's becoming more and more unlikely that he holds to the key to finding a cure for the outbreak. His reticence to drive north to DC speaks volumes about his intentions. As does his mullet. Never trust a man with a mullet.

The question now is, what will Abraham do when he finds out his mission is a fraud?

Joe's gang are not The Hunters

I'm now almost certain that Joe and his band of "Claimers" are not the Hunters. In the comics the Hunters were smart enough to hide themselves out of sight, picking off their victims when they were most vulnerable.

Joe's group are tough, but also too rough around the edges to be calculating enough to capture, preserve and eat people. They are content to hunt game in the forest and 'claim' what they see. This means they almost certainly don't have Beth either.

I think Joe sees a younger version of himself in Daryl and while they brutally murdered one of their own for breaking the rules, they at least stick to their moral code.

It's interesting to note that the episode where Rick killed one of their group was also called "Claimed". Joe is hunting him down in order to 'claim' his revenge in blood.

It's going to get messy.

Terminus is creepy as f--k

Anybody else creeped out by Terminus? There were no locks on the gates, no guards keeping lookout. Entering the sanctuary the group were met by blooming flowers, a thriving vegetable garden and a smiling lady called Mary, who offered to "make them a plate".

If something appears too good to be true on The Walking Dead, then it almost certainly is.

Robert Kirkman promised the season finale would be "savage" and there's certainly something eerie about an unguarded and open community.

Mary reminds me of the smiling-yet-deadly Brenda St. John from Telltale's Walking Dead game, who promised sanctuary but delivered bloodshed.

Also, if you think back to the episode where Michonne and Carl cleared the house and discovered the nursery of corpses, they found a painting that might foreshadow the brutal events to come.

It depicted a woman who looks a lot like Mary, but whose face had been corrupted by blood-red slashes and violent brush strokes. Is this a sign of the bloodshed to come?

I wouldn't eat the meat on offer on the barbecue. It could be tainted...

What were your thoughts on the episode? Drop your ideas in the comment section below, or hit me up on Twitter.


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