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I am both excited and saddened by the fact that the season finale of AMC's hit zombie apocalyptic show, [The Walking Dead](series:201193), is only six days away. On one hand, we get to see season four culminate into what should be a thriller of an ending, one that offers us much to look forward to for season five. On the other hand, it means season four will come to a close, and we will not be able to watch another episode of 'TWD' until the fall.

There are so many questions that deserve answering, yet it is possible that some of those question will be left unanswered until season five. What exactly is Terminus? Is it a sanctuary, or a slaughter house pretending to be a sanctuary? Will all the current survivors make it to Terminus? When will Daryl and his group encounter Rick? How will Daryl handle that situation? When will Rick and Carl reunite with baby Judith? When will we see Beth again? If so, will she be found maimed or relatively unharmed? Is it possible that she is being held in Terminus? How will Rick react if/when he sees Carol again? I am certain that you all can come up with more of these, but like I said, there so many questions worth answering.

For now, you all can satisfy your craving for more 'TWD' at least a little bit with the following couple of videos regarding the season finale, which is titled "A."


From this, it looks like the dynamic trio of Rick, Carl and Michonne will once again be featured heavily in "A." I think it is a great idea to have these three iconic characters close the season; the past few episodes appeared to have been building up to that. Also, it looks like they are going to have to do some last-minute fighting in order to finally reach Terminus, which I still believe is too good to be true. Judging by the expression on Rick's face towards the end of the promo, the trio might not make it to Terminus completely unscathed, especially from a mental standpoint.

Moreover, we see a glimpse of Daryl as well. Could it be this episode in which he and the group of marauders he is reluctantly with catch up to Rick? How amazing would it be if this episode featured one final battle between Rick, Carl and Michonne vs. Joe and his band of cohorts! Daryl would surely side with Rick, wouldn't he?

Sneak Peek:

Carl is getting some valuable hunting lessons from his father. He also seemed extremely eager to help someone in need. Could it be a trap Carl and co. are being lured into? The voice is indistinguishable to me, in terms of who it might belong to. It cannot be coming from those characters that entered Terminus in "Us," if the story line is sequential. In my opinion, it is either coming from one of the members of Joe's group, or a new character we have not been introduced to yet. I would be more inclined to think it is the former, which means the possibility of a trap being set increases. Nevertheless, this might be where all the fighting begins. Here's to hoping the dynamic trio defeat all of their opponents, be they alive or undead.

"A" will air next Sunday, March 30th. Make sure you do anything but miss it!

Quick reminder: MoviePilot will once again have a live blog going for the season finale. Call it MoviePilot's 'The Walking Dead' live blog season finale. It would be fantastic if you all got involved! It is always a ton of fun, and a great way to watch the episode alongside other passionate and avid 'TWD' viewers. The blog will go live 30 minutes before the episode begins, so don't you dare be late! If you're interested (and hopefully, you most certainly are) here is the link to the blog: Enjoy!


Based on the videos, how do you think "A" will turn out?


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