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Nicko Nickoo

Episode 15 answered one question for me and that is the group in the house is looking for Rick and it seems they want to teach him a lesson. It seems this group that Daryl is with will encounter Rick/Michonne and Carl on the tracks. Daryl asked a question about the description of the man in the house and then the camera shot down to the candy bar that Carl/Michonne were eating. Also the plant is from Michonne or Beth? Daryl knew that plant came from "team prison” that is why he said “claim.”

Joe the leader of this band of misfits not including Daryl is a primetime manipulator and ruthless sleaze bag. Joe is in his environment, in the real world Joe may have been a guy that didn’t go by the rules of the land. The lawless world gives him the opportunity to make his own rules with his odd justification of reasoning. For some odd reason Joe thinks he has found a kindle spirit with Daryl. Joe put the half rabbit in Daryl’s an effort to rid them of Len. Joe figured that Len/Daryl will continue to be at each other’s throat and Daryl may walk away from the group. Therefore he wanted Daryl more than he wanted Len in the group…teach him a lesson is about beating him to death.It concludes all members are expendable but they are a group of ruthless self-center and revenge seeking sleaze bags. I guess it is about kill or be killed...

The several highlights of this episode was Glenn reading the message left on the billboard and that infectious grin that came across his face as he is running. That same grin was shown when he was driving the red mustang, in Season 1. Also, Maggie/Glen reunites in the tunnel and finally getting a glimpse of Rick/Michonne and Carl…still eating candy…lol! Michonne and Carl seem to have a brother and big sister relationship and Rick seems to have recovered from his beating at the hands of the Governor. Rick’s heartfelt smile was refreshing to see. As well that Michonne/Carl can smile and still engage in a friendly barter about candy in a world full of cruelty, death and walkers. Those types of reactions between the characters are priceless but reveal the human spirit still lives even in a world that has gone terribly awry.

Lastly, I question Terminus…chains/locks on the fences but yet they were not locked…odd. Did they know they were coming? There are fences/barricades and locks to keep folks out in this zombie world, yet their fences are open and no guards....spider to the fly. Something is off-center about Terminus…no folks milling around in the courtyard, especially when there seems to be growing vegetables to tend. Yet only one lady cooking and to greet those they enter. “Will you step into my parlor?” said the spider to the fly; “’Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy. The group should have been saying as the fly to the spider….. “O no, no!”

Terminus is creepy and my prediction is no good will come from Terminus the only good result may be that it will be a place for all to reunite but I think they will fight together to get the “Hell out of Terminus.” I thought at least they would have done some recon before entering the gates….something is very amiss about Terminus. The woman that greeted them look similar to the woman in the picture that Michonne found in the house with the dead bodies. Also think about the flower in the painting in the same house and they passed by the sunflowersto enter Terminus....creepy....something is wrong very wrong. If Michonne/Rick/Carl make it to Terminus hopefully Michonne will remember and instantly know something is awry


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