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Today, hundreds of images from the set of Marvel's [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) showing off actual shots of newcoming Avengers twins Wanda and Piedro Maximoff better known as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, as well as fan favorite Hawkeye, and YES! We finally get a look at the supervillain Ultron!

Or is that just an early version of the Vision? After all, paint the costume up with some reds, yellows, and greens with CGI and he could just as easily be the Vision. Add some clothing onto the top of the black areas such as around the back of his head where the Vision's signature collared cape is coincidentally located and you have yourself the Vision! However, the chances are rather slim, as they could just as easily have pre-colored it to match the Vision, unless they've decided to take him on a less colorful route.

Many people thought Ultron would surely look more like Iron Man considering the only sneak peek we've gotten of him has been of the Iron Man helmet being morphed into the face of the robotic nightmare. What do you think? Is this Ultron, or is it the Vision?

Due to the advancements in CGI, it's clear that most of the action will actually be computer generated, with an abundance of green screens and CGI-banded suits. Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson seem to have some pretty amazing costumes, Olsen sporting an almost gothic look while Taylor-Johnson has a headful of Einstein-like gold-white locks.

The presumed Ultron, however, is seen with a black cape. Is this cape simply to minimize pictures of the costume to lower image leaks, or is this actual on-set costume Ultron uses to keep out of site from the citizens of whatever city he's terrorizing this time?

It's also clear that the "Assembling A Universe" concept art for the twins is fairly accurate, with some changes like make-up and hair. On set, there are some shots with red smoke. Does the red mean it's part of Scarlet Witch's powers? Though we get tons of answers from the pictures, it feels like even more questions have arisen!


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