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One of the largest complaints about Ridley Scott's Prometheus was that it was completely convoluted. Why were these scientists taking off their helmet on an alien world with weird bacteria? Why was Guy Pearce in old man makeup? How did Noomi Rapace get up and walk around after she carved that weird alien baby out of her womb? What was all that gooey stuff?

These questions will be answered (or many more will be posed) in 2016, as one of Fox's unnamed projects appears to be Prometheus 2. Michael Green - who worked with Scott on the screenplay for the sequel to Blade Runner - is rewriting a script by Jack Paglen. Maybe we'll get more clarity this time around considering that Damon Lindelof isn't involved (Sorry Damon!).

One thing's for sure, the sequel will reportedly be more like Alien than Prometheus, which was supposed to be an unofficial prequel to that franchise anyway. The sequel will also feature multiple David androids, so expect to see a lot of Michael Fassbender.

The project is currently set for March 4, 2016.

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