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Ben McNeall Womack

Since the dawning of time mankind has been afraid of progress. Feeding this fear the imagination of man has created such fantastic stories such as Terminator, Matrix, I robot.

Thats where I come in.

Benjamin Womack- Director of Time Lapse and A'ton D
Benjamin Womack- Director of Time Lapse and A'ton D

I have been working in the film business for two-years now and have grown to love this site and decided to use it to let you know a little about my next upcoming film Aton Dilemma

Image for upcoming film Aton Dilemma  (Coming Soon)
Image for upcoming film Aton Dilemma  (Coming Soon)


In the future machines have advanced to the point that they feel the human race is no longer needed. (Terminator) But because of the machines having the ethical morality programmed within them (I Robot) the only option for a human to stand trial against the machine. Thus causing the machine to kidnap and human and have him stand trial for his crimes against morality. It is a debate that stands the test of time. This film will be full of action adventure and drama. But whats different about it? watch it and see.

coming soon.

Well let me know what you think? is Aton D. different or does it sound like every other sic-fi movie coming out next year. Here are the 4 components that will make this Sci-Fi Independent film delicious.

  • Practical Effects: I love this art and sadly it is being used less and less as time goes on, but as a director I attend to bring it back.
  • Mind-Bending Dialog: Who doesn't love a shattering string of dialog leaping out of the mouth of an actor to bend the very depths of your soul. (See)
  • Engaging Storyline: I know it has some of the casual winks of I robot and Terminator, but its not a copy-cat....they are inspiration. I guarantee you that this movie will not fall under the category as another robot invasion film.
  • Independent: Film Companies that wave a flag of no allegiance to any of the studio giants are becoming more and more popular daily .

So have I convinced you to watch my new film? Take my poll and tell me what you think.


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