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Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? If the new Hercules poster is anything to go by, the answer is clearly himself.

In the brand new poster released yesterday, Dwayne Johnson cuts a fearsome figure as he ploughs through naked flames while bellowing with rage.

Check it out with your own fair eyes below:

Who would guess that that beard is made of 100 percent yak hair? It almost suits Johnson, but the stand out feature here is clearly the star's muscular physique.

Just when you thought The Rock couldn't get any more ripped, he really pulled it out of the bag and encapsulated a whole world of gun shows in those almighty arms.

[Hercules](movie:365390) is due for release on the July 25th 2014 but, if you still aren't sold, the first trailer will be released tomorrow so you can get your heroic hit!

Who is making an odyssey to the silver screen to see this Grecian club slinger in action?


The new Hercules poster is...

(Source: Comic Book Movie)

(Images: Comic Book Movie, Fimo and Twitter)


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