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Kurt Sutter, the outspoken creator of Sons of Anarchy, has revealed one of the actors he would most like to work with - Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul!

Paul - who recently appeared in the video game inspired car racing movie Need for Speed - is most famous for playing Walter White's drug dealing sidekick Jesse on the hit AMC shoe Breaking Bad.

However, as with everything Sutter says, his comments were quickly taken as hinting at the future for the seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy. And Sutter was soon on Twitter denying that he had a role planned for Paul in Season 7. He wrote:

However, the story doesn't quite end there. As disappointed fans were replying to Sutter's tweet, Aaron Paul also wrote in to express his own disappointment:

So what do you think? Might there still be a chance to see Aaron Paul in Sons of Anarchy? Or would you like to see these two collaborate on a project in the future? Write in with your thoughts below.


Do you think Aaron Paul would make a good Sons of Anarchy character?


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