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Last night Paramount Pictures went out all guns blazing in Las Vegas, releasing not just one, but three early looks at their upcoming roster of releases.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's [Hercules](movie:365390) and [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027) had their respective turns in the spotlight, but [Transformers 4](movie:206531) really stole the show with its 15 minutes of previously unseen footage.

Transformers: Age of Extinction star Mark Wahlberg presented the footage at CinemaCon while repeatedly spreading word that it would be

The biggest movie of 2014

before going on to claim that Transformers is;

The most iconic franchise in movie history

Whereas, I'm not sure if everything Wahlberg was spouting is totally true, Transformers has had it's moments of glory, and I have high hopes for Transformers: Age of Extinction.

So, without further ado, let's wade through this sea of spoilers and see if we can dig any grade-A awesome out of the 15 minutes of footage. Here is what the lucky people who witnessed the screening had to say.

1. Age of Extinction can stand on its own two feet

At the Cinecon event, Wahlberg (who seriously seems like the best movie rep ever!) emphasized that Age of Extinction was it's own animal and could stand on its own two feet without its prequels. He also made the bold claim that the movie was;

bigger and better than all three of the previous films combined

Hell yeah! Although this movie is not really a sequel, it is clear the inhabitants of this world know all about the events of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Remember the billboard in the trailer which advises the citizens of Wahlberg's character's Texas town to "Remember Chicago, and report alien activity..."?

Well, Wahlberg's character doesn't do that. Instead he takes in a junked-up old truck, which he soon discovers is in fact Optimus Prime.

2. Optimus prime gets darker

Wahlberg's character in Age of Extinction is an inventor named Cade Yaeger. As a single father looking after his high school age daughter (Tessa played by Nicola Peltz), he is in desperate need of a big break when he discovers Optimus. Alas, his much needed discovery draws the attention of a government agency designed to capture and destroy Transformers and introduces the films badass villain, Savoy (Titus Welliver).

When Savoy comes looking for Yaeger's hidden bot, Cade tries to stop him from taking Optimus away, but the ruthless agent threatens Cade's daughter to try and get his hands on the prize. Optimus is clearly not happy about this sort of behaviour because he comes out all guns blazing.

The fact an Autobot leader is taking shots at the human agents seems very unlike Optimus suggesting this is a darker, more desperate version of the character.

3. Action with serious attitude

Obviously, the screening was used to give Transformers 4's epic action scenes some air time. There is smörgåsbord of badass Bumble Bee showdowns, spaceship flights, rooftop pakor, intense hand-to-hand combat, buildings being ripped in half, and alien gunfights.

One of the scenes that made the most impact was a bit of a surprise though. When Tessa's boyfriend Shane (Jack Raynor) is introduced he speeds in rescue the Yeager's from hostile government agents. As he is zooming into frame, there is an exceptionally well executed slow-mo shot of a tire hitting one of the foes square in the face, and apparently it looks fantastic. Boom!

4. Lockdown steals the show

Lockdown is a Deceptacon that collects parts from other Transformers to use on himself, which obviously makes him unbelievably badass.

During the initial confrontation between the Yeagers and the government forces mentioned above, Lockdown shows up alongside Optimus and Grimlock and shows what he can do.

He then proceeds to relentlessly take chunks of Optimus for his own use. When his face transforms into a giant gun, there is clearly no stopping him and it is obvious he will be a major threat in this movie. Tessa ends up being trapped in the car beneath an injured Optimus and her father runs to save her. You've seen that shot of Wahlberg in the trailers.

His efforts are in vain though. Lockdown already has both Tessa and Optimus in his grasp.

5. The Transformers become government drones

If you have paid any attention to the title of this film, it is clear that it concerns the threat of extinction facing the Transformers. Kelsey Grammer appears multiple times in the short as government big-wig, Harold Attinger who is manning a command centre. The objective of the centre is to find, capture, hunt and destroy the Transformers.

They are also working on controlling existing Transformers for their own personal gain, and it appears that Galvatron could be a man-made government drone constructed from parts of Megatron. Interesting...

6. Dinobot origin

A real life dinosaur is seen in the 15 mins of footage suggesting that there will be an origin story about the Dinobots contained in the movie.

Phew. That is a lot to take in at once, but I am now even more convinced that Transformers: Age of Extinction has what it takes to storm the box office and beat its predecessors.

What are your thoughts on this epic festival of spoilers? Have they piqued your curiosity, or numbed your interest?

Transformers: Age of Extinction will hit cinemas on June 25th 2014


The Transformers 4 spoilers have...

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