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Proving once again that she is much sweeter than the press always makes out, Kristen Stewart is squeezing time for her family into her hectic schedule.

The [Still Alice](movie:1168550) star was spotted chowing down at the Lower East Side eatery, Beauty & Essex with a mystery older man... Her dad of course!

  and her Dad - John Stewart
  and her Dad - John Stewart

Looking like two peas in a pop with their shared love of grunge styling and tortoise rim specs, sources reported that the pair;

Engaged in casual, relaxed conversations the whole night and enjoyed Beauty & Essex favorites such as the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Dumplings. KStew was very laid back and was especially nice and polite to their server

Bravo! Although, like a lot of young people forced to spend more than a few hours in their parents company, Kristen soon decided to spice things up a bit!

The source also revealed that the normally restrained KStew was knocking back the cocktails at a rate of knots! Apparently her concoction of choice was mixed to her own specification. If you want to drink your own 'Kristen Stewart' the recipe was: Vodka, muddled cucumber, jalapenos, lime, simple syrup and a splash of Grand Marnier. Delicious!

(Source: Cafe Mom)

(Images: Science Lakes, International Business Times)


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