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The trailer for Michael Aguiar's The Laughing Mask is here!

Taking inspiration from Angel Heart and John Carpenter's Halloween, Aguiar said of the movie which took only 28 days to shoot: "I wanted to keep all the effects as practical as possible. This is an old school horror film and I hope fans will be pleased with the results."

Sounds good. Does it look good, too? Check out the official new trailer below and let us know what you think:

From the synopsis:

The Laughing Mask begins with Jake Johnson. After the brutal death of his wife, Jaycee, and the disappearance of his daughter, Barbara, Jake will do whatever is necessary to capture the man the media has dubbed “The Laughing Mask.” As the corpses begin to pile up, Jake has to find help in the detective skills of Kate O’Malley. Together they will play a deadly cat and mouse game with a killer in order to find Jake’s daughter and avenge the death of his wife. But The Laughing Mask knows of Jake’s desires for revenge, and he has plans of his own.

Kick-ass mask, kick-ass idea. I definitely want to see more from this creepy tale of revenge. What about you guys? Sound off in the comment section below!

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