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Rumor has it that Emma Watson could be slipping into a slinky fish tail and strapping on her sea shell bra to star in Sophia Coppola's live action The Little Mermaid.

A source told Perez Hilton that Watson made such an impression on Coppola during the filming of [The Bling Ring](movie:368770) in 2013 that the director was eager to work with the 23-year-old actress again. The source explained;

Sofia wants Emma, and the pair have such a respect for each other, it would be very surprising if they carry on without each other. Movie companies Universal and Working Title want to move quickly on the project, so expect an announcement soon

Whereas I wish this rumor was true, I have been rummaging frantically around the bowels of the internet trying to find more proof and come up with nada. Except this interesting theory from The Metro, that is.

According to the British newspaper, [The Little Mermaid](movie:995663) rumors could have sprung from the Harry Potter fan community.

Mugglenet started an Emma Watson as Ariel rumor last year as an April fools day joke, complete with a fetching Photoshop image.

Mugglenet's April fools day image
Mugglenet's April fools day image

The website joked that;

Emma was seen leaving an aquatics facility this past weekend in Los Angeles. We can only assume that this means she has started training for her role as Ariel. Yes, training. As this is a live-action film, Emma must take on several aquatic disciplines including SCUBA-diving, synchronised swimming, and diving

Who knows if this is the origin of the rumor, but it certainly would be funny if it was!

Do you think Emma Watson really could star in The Little Mermaid? She has told newspapers before that she still has problems landing roles because she refuses to 'sex herself up', so maybe the coming of age tale would be right up her alley. I can't help but think that Coppola would prefer a new face to give Ariel a character that is entirely her own though. Thoughts?


Would you like to see Emma Watson as Ariel?

(Source: Perez Hilton and The Daily Mail)

(Images: HD Wallpaper Images, Mugglenet, Ace Showbiz via WENN)


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