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After all the rumors and ‘leaked’ casting choices, we know little to nothing about the upcoming, untitled Star Wars VII due out next year in December. We do know that filming will begin in May according to director J.J.Abrams. He know also says that it will be set thirty years after the last in the second trilogy, Return of the Jedi (1983).

And of all the casting returns fans have batted around, only one ‘official’ character has been guaranteed to return: Kenny Baker, who will reprise his 1977 performance as R2D2.

Abrams has everything else tight lipped. Carrie Fisher recently stated ‘we’re not supposed to’ talk about Star Wars. The reporter she gave this statement to made comments on how great she looked and how she ‘can’t hide the truth’ which, I assume, means the reporter thinks she’s getting fit for screen time. It was also reported that she will be writing a stage show that will be preformed ‘close to [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158)’ in London.

Gary Oldman and Zack Efron were called...
Gary Oldman and Zack Efron were called...

Gary Oldman stated that he was in talks for an undisclosed role but nothing concrete has been announced. Benedict Cumberbatch was rumored to be up for the ‘same part’.

A source of MarketSaw
“Ian McDiarmid, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, Warwick Davies, Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman. I believe Cumberbatch and Oldman were pursued for the same role, but I don’t know how that will work out with the script changes, but I’m told they are both involved.”

Zack Efron also admitted to talking to Disney studios over the coming sequel and Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o and Girls star Adam Driver have also been 'tipped' for roles in the new film. But, all we are really being told are that it will star a trio of new young leads along with some very familiar faces. Familiar faces being R2D2 and unannounced others.

Mark Hamill
“The only character I know for sure is returning is my friend R2-D2. He hasn’t stopped beeping about it.”
Will we see them in 7?
Will we see them in 7?
But also according to MarketSaw’s source:
“Ultimately it’s about twins, and which will take a path towards darkness and which will follow in their father’s footsteps, or at least that is what it used to be, that may come later as I think changes are being undertaken to bring the original cast into the forefront of the story leading to ramifications that lead up to the next generation of Skywalkers.”

Admittedly, it would be hard to pull off the above without Hamill, Fisher and Ford.

According to the Guardian, actors who have already auditioned for roles include:

Zac Efron

Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones, Hanna)

Michael B Jordan (The Wire, Friday Night Lights)

In talks Actors reported to have had talks with JJ Abrams about a role in the film include:

Gary Oldman

Benedict Cumberbatch

Michael Fassbender

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Simon Pegg (Hecks yeah!)

Jack O’Connell (Skins, Game of Thrones)

Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike, I am Number Four)

Sullivan Stapleton (Animal Kingdom, The Hunter)

Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad)

Adam Driver (Girls)

Ed Speleers (Downton Abbey)

John Boyega (Attack of the Block)

Matthew James

Thomas Ray Fisher

It is thought that the full cast list will be released in the next couple of months.

To follow up to date info on the world of Cinematic Star Wars, click the link below:


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