ByClint Narramore, writer at
Clint Narramore

This movie is EXACTLY what the title portrays it to be. Headlining wrestlers think they are going to a prison in West Virginia for a private wrestling show and the ultimate pay day and when they get there they realize they have been set up and will have to use their wrestling abilities to fight off an army of zombies. What makes this movie works is the fact that these wrestlers are not acting! Their characters are exactly who they are...Roddy Piper is Roddy Piper and in one scene cracks a zombies head with a coconut! CLASSIC!! Matt Hardy uses a ladder, Hacksaw Jim Duggan uses his 2x4, Kurt Angle not only Olympic Slams people, he does the ankle lock on one zombie and tears his foot off! Not to mention, Shane Douglas plays himself..The Franchise...that cocky smooth almost pompous ass we all loved to hate in ECW and WCW.

This movie is an instant Cult Classic and do not expect a serious Oscar winning doesn't exist, nor needs to for the film to work! Director Cody Knotts knew what his demographic would want and he delivers! Not to play spoiler, but Piper even mutters a line about Hogan. For you big time movie buffs of the 80's think of the movie Body Slam with Piper or No Holds Barred Meets Night of the Living Dead! Its very tongue and cheek and has a lot of inside jokes wrestling fans would just get. For the genre of this movie I give it an A and I am looking forward to seeing more from Cody Knotts in the future!


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