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I'm an avid horror film lover.. Well really everything horror! And gore.. yeah gore is good too.
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I figured this would be a good topic to talk about for my first post:

Horror Movies vs Horror Video Games|

The kind of movie that has you running to your bed in the middle of the night, hugging your pillow, as you worry what's lurking behind your door VS the kind of game you cant stand to play with the lights off and the volume turned up.

Personally I think it all depends on the person and the movie/game. With that though there are a few things I'd like to point out:

Remember that scene, or should I say many scenes, in The Ring where Samara would crawl through the TV and the people in the movie would just freak out and not do anything? I'm sure a few words you might of said were "What are you doing!?" or "Get up! Punch it or something!"

That's what makes Horror games so great. You can do something! You can punch it, shoot it, hell you can even kiss it! (Haven't seen that option yet though.) In games you control your destiny.

Cut scene-Dead Space 2
Cut scene-Dead Space 2

Here are a couple of other opinions I found:

Classic horror movies like The Exorcist based the horror on the dis-figuration of the possessed girl, all the things she did, from the puking, to the spider stair crawl and can't leave out the 360 head spin, all of these were enough to scare the audience. Now everything relies on loud metallic noises as a cue to something flying into the screen, making people jump from that reaction, rather than actual fear of the situation. I hate that. When I see a horror movie I like to feel uneasy, nervous, jump tactics should be left to break that tension in the rhythm of the movie, not its main tactic.

Whether it's that moment in "Dead Space 2" when (warning: spoiler alert!) the glowy-eyed specter jumps up from behind you and tries to stab a needle in your eyeball or it's that moment in "Evil Dead" when the demon-possessed corpse sits up and stabs a woman in the ankle with a pencil — when all those details come together, the result is the same: We leap right out of our seats.

In a way I agree with both of these. Either way, whether you prefer horror video games or horror movies, both are amazing! You still get to enjoy the horrific journeys, the countless jump scares, or even my favorite - the gore. Which is what makes them so gosh darn beautiful in their own special ways... ;')

But enough about my opinion! Tell me what you think!


Which do you find scarier?


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