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"B-9, Class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot" Commonly known as Robot B-9 Famous for his quote “Danger, Danger Will Robinson!”. He was one of the earliest robots on TV on the 1965 show Lost in Space.

Bender is everyone’s favorite alcoholic robot side kick on Futurama.

C-3PO a protocol droid fluent in "over six million forms of communication" who can be as annoying as all hell but in the end he was even cool hanging off of the back of a wookie in the Star Wars series.

Cylon (which stands for Cybernetic Life form Node) from Battlestar Galatica became arguably even scarier when they evolved into “skin-job” models but for my money the “toasters” are scary as hell!

DRDs (Diagnostic Repair Drones) were the cute little helper robots that helped the crew of the Leviathan on Farscape. Despite the fact that they were cute and a lot of the time were used as comic relief they could also thoroughly kickass.

Gort is a badass from waaay back in the day 1951’s The Day the Earth Stood Still. He doesn’t talk and nothing can hurt him. Long before there was a Cyclops this guy was preserving peace by destroying any aggressor with lasers from his visor.

Johnny 5 is awesome in every 80s-tastic way imaginable. I mean, he befriended Ali Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg! Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2 are examples of 80’s classics.

Kryten (Kryten 2X4B -523P) is a series 4000 mechanoid or slave droid. He was basically the snarky man servant to the guys on board the Red Dwarf in the show of the sane name, and everyone loved him for it.

Marvin from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was often described as paranoid and/or manic while, in fact, he was more often depicted as chronically depressed, which in its self, had its own charm.

Mechagodzilla was a giant robot version of Godzilla. Need I say more?

Mega Man was a 90's classic who kicked the crap out of every other robot in his universe.

Optimus Prime is so bad ass every teenaged boy in the 80s wanted the giant toy version of him. He leads the Autobots and was one of the only characters who wasn’t totally ruined by Michael Bay’s films and that's a feat!

Sentinels from X-Men scared the crap out of me whether it was from the comics or 90’s cartoons. They were enormous but somehow they could sneak up and pop out of nowhere. They were like giant pink boogey men.

T-800’s the foot soldiers of the robot apocalypse. With or without their Arnold outer cover in Terminator these guys are mean and just won’t quit. Oh, and they look really cool on a motorcycle.

Astro Boy might be a bit more adorable than we are used to these days, however, he’s been around since 1952. Except for the 2003 movie which was pretty lame he’s always been pretty damn cool.



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