ByChris Fields, writer at
Chris Fields

Here we go again, another sword and sandal action flick. Only this one had Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: wait is Scorpion King part 3? No oh Hercules sorry I got confused for a second. I am going to take the unpopular view here and say I'm not impressed at all. With Johnson, the trailer, or the overly 90's feel of this film. We get a narrator asking over and over again "Who are you?" only to end with Johnson's Hercules screaming his own name. "I AM HERCULES!" I think anyone that goes to see this will already know that. To me this just feels so forced and frankly lame. Personally I am not a huge fan of Rock's I admit he is entertaining and charismatic but a thespian he is not. So personally I have no interest in seeing this film and all the trailer did was confirm my disinterest. However I would never discourage anyone that likes these over the top action films from enjoying it as long as they don't try and claim it is some Oscar bait masterpiece. I keep hearing people try and say Johnson should be in everything that is even rumored to be coming out in the next few years. Personally I think he should stick to his niche where he obviously excels.


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