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Ladies and Gentlemen, Teen Wolf fans is as we feared. Or rather, not as we feared because no-one would ever have guessed that the insanely good-looking Brit, Daniel Sharman who plays smouldering werewolf Isaac Lahey on MTV's hit show, will NOT be returning for [Teen Wolf](series:721002) Season 4. That's right, NO MORE ISAAC!!

According to the folks over at Hypable, the loveable actor has decided that he would like to explore other avenues and opportunities. Reportedly auditioning for a role on the pilot episode of a new show, and wanting to get into movies. Sound familiar? Could be because the last we heard, Crystal Reed aka huntress Allison Argent also left the order to peruse other avenues too...AND to make matters worse, anyone who saw Monday nights episode (seriously, was there anyone who didn't? Um, HELLO, season finale!), will know that the beloved Aiden, twin to Ethan and Omega Werewolf on the show, was tragically killed (by one of those infuriating Oni), eventually succumbing to his wounds in his Twin brother's arms. *sobs*

What's in store for Season 4 remains to be seen, but we obviously know that we won't be seeing Aiden, Isaac or Allison. Nor will we see any more of Ethan - both twins (real names Max and Charlie Carver) are moving on to other projects, BUT in a very surprising plot twist that had me thinking Blue Avatar Wolf (if you watched the episode you'll know EXACTLY what I mean), it seems that we WILL be seeing a lot more of Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) - Werewolf hunter turned "She-Wolf".

Picture courtesy of Hollywood Life
Picture courtesy of Hollywood Life

What esteemed and expert hunter Chris Argent will make of that, will be very interesting. Young wolf, Malia (Shelley Hennig) also returns as series regular.

How excited are you for Teen Wolf Season 4? Let me know in the comments.


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