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Season 3 body count:

  • Allison Argent
  • Aidan
  • Erica Reyes
  • Vernon Boyd
  • Jennifer Blake/Julia Baccari
  • Kali
  • Ennis
  • William Barrow
  • Deputy for the Sheriff's department.
  • Nogitsune
  • Silverfinger's Bodyguards

Isaac won't be back in season 4, Chris and him apparently are off in Paris but Chris will be back.

Kate Argent is back/Jill Wagner so that's a bonus.

Malia Tate is confirmed for season 4 along with Kiera. I guess that's Jeff's way of making up for Allison's death instead of just writing her out of the show. I did love that Allison was the one to figure out how to kill the Oni but that doesn't mean I'm not devastated over the lack of a funeral. All of the characters listed should have some type of funeral in season 4 even if it's a little bit late for Erica and Boyd..

I also have a head cannon that Allison is off in Valhalla.

I liked a lot of what went down in The Divine Move but I still have this empty feeling from how certain things were addressed. Comment with what you thought of Teen Wolf 3B The Divine Move!

Teen Wolf returns June 23rd 2014!


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