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Maybe I'll burn you, maybe not.

Hello little humans, your God is here! Yes, it's me, Drogon.

Everyone knows that I am the most important character in [Game of Thrones](movie:817617), right? So I decided to dedicate a post just to show how I'll be amazing in season 4!

Let's start with a recap. Who remembers how I was a beautiful baby dragon in season 2? Look, I'm like a little angel, no?

Who would imagine I would become so lovely? I guessed it already, I'm fantastic!

Time passed and I was growing up. I was abducted, a crazy man tried to take me from my mother. But she loves so much, she picked me up back. And so I killed my first man. It was fun!

In season 3 I was bigger, I could hunt alone, Daenerys no longer needed to feed me. She met a man who sold slaves, I didn't get it. I just know that she used me as payment, but in the end, I killed him too.

Please, one more picture showing my beauty:

Who said I'm not the favorite child? 
Who said I'm not the favorite child? 

Now we arrive at season 4!

I don't want to know about the Lannisters, Starks, bastards and little, silly vendettas among humans. Let's talk about me!

As you all know, your Khaleesi has a plan, and she will need our help (yes, Viserion e Rhaegal will help her too) and sincerely, I do not care about her plans. What I want to do is follow my instincts: hunt everything that comes in front of me and burn all!

I do not really like the idea of someone telling me what I should do, I mean, I'm a dragon. Nothing is above a dragon. There comes a time when you rebel and it ends up causing problems.

Die little human, die!
Die little human, die!

Keep your eyes open in the 4th season of Game of Thrones, don't fail to notice how wonderful I am and please don't try to give orders to a dragon - you will regret it...

Good bye little humans, Drogon is hungry, so I'll hunt a little. You can follow me on twitter @Drogon_GoT and accompany my sovereignty!


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