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With all the trailers and Features out for [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593), most people are convinced that Gwen Stacy will die at the end of the sequel. Although that isn't the case. Even though all points to Gwen's demise will be by the green goblins hand (or Peters Webs); I have strong reason to believe that Peter Parker is the one that will die, except in the third installment. Andrew Garfield has said in interviews that he is signed for only 3 movies. This could mean that Peter would die at the hand of Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), after Harry dies as the first Green Goblin. This would make perfect sense since Peters last confrontation is with Norman Osborn's Sinister Six, and since it is established that the Sinister Six are going to appear in future films, this idea would not be far fetched. Also the decision to cut Shailene Woodley from her role as Mary Jane could point to the possibility that Gwen Stacy wont die. This would be the first mainstream movie where the hero dies, and the villains apparently succeed, and as the comics have shown us; there are an endless amount of stories that can come from the Death of Spider-man. Although the movie would take a different approach as Director Marc Webb they reveal what seems to be the whole movie, but there is much more left for the fans when they see the movie itself. When Spider-Man dies movie going audiences would be introduced to an Ultimate Spider-man which we would know as Miles Morales.

The story would bring a new feeling to the movies while keeping the original essence of its predecessors. These movies would also showcase the legacy of Spider-man as a symbol and what he truly meant for New York, while also concentrating on the journey of Miles. This would not be difficult since Miles story is the fact that he has to live up to Peter and honor what Spider-Man means, just like the directors with these new movies. Gwen plays a crucial role in the story of Miles Morales, which is a very big reason why they wouldn't kill her off. She allows Miles to know more about Peter and tells him to respect and honor the mantle, and tells him the famous "With Great Power" quote. But the movies would eventually focus just on Miles as he would become his own hero and make his own path. Anyone who reads the comics would agree that Miles is an interesting, and complex character, and would be great for a big screen adaption.

All these reasons and speculations mostly point to The death of Spider-man , and if done correctly would be an amazing plan. As Marc Webb did have plans on expanding the Spidey-Verse. While also being a quite melancholy conclusion to the story of Peter Parker, but not the conclusion of Spider-Man.