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Probably the most anticipated character to come to us in DOFP and the one we want to see stick around for years to come is the Future 'LAST X-MAN', Bishop. Ever since his debut, his legend has been building. Whether with dredds, short hair or no hair at all, Lucas Bishop, I know, has been one of my personal favorites and the favorites of X-men fans all over.

Bishop's first appearance!
Bishop's first appearance!

Bishops past begins, coincidental in our future; 80 years to be exact. He lived in a future overrun by the Sentinels. Marked by the M brand to be identified as a Mutant, he and his sister, Shard, lived in mutant concentration camps far from their homeland, Australia, which was obliterated by a nuclear attack.

Bishop can absorb energy and let it loose!
Bishop can absorb energy and let it loose!

A lot of his story probably wont make it from continuity to movie script. He had connections to older versions of Storm (supposedly his de-powered adopted grandmother) and a man called The WITNESS (also called LeBeau; assumed Remy). But the important fact was he saw the Sentinel's future and that's why he's here. He was also a sort of Mutant police force.

We also need to keep in mind that he did a good deal of time travelling. He was also involved in trying to stop the Age of Apocalypse from happening also. His failure leading to the death of Professor X actually caused Apocalypse to gain a foothold in this world without Charles Xavier.

So, does that mean he will be heavily involved in [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) (the sequel already announced)? We all hope so!


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