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I am new to the moviepilot and i would like for everything to work out. Im engaged of course and i think that ive made my life a little bett
Candice Bell

As the image says "If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling"

-Paul Walker

Heartbreaking and devastating, especially for his daughter, Meadow Walker, and all his loving and adoring fans. His death was very untimely for everyone. As he was on his way to one of his fundraisers for his charity, he sadly passed. We knew him only as an actor. Meadow knew him as a father and a best friend. Always there taking care of the thing he loved most. He was a son, brother, father, husband at one point, and a best friend. His family was there with him all along. Through the movies, raising his daughter and among other things. God needed an angel. He was short one so he needed two. He took Paul and his friend that also passed the same day Paul did.

Meadow had everything and to this day, she still does. Her daddy is up there in heaven looking down on his beautiful, growing daughter. Each day, she becomes stronger and stronger. She's as strong as her daddy was and ever will be.


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