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His name may have been linked to a handful of Hollywood hotties in the gossip pages, but Robert Pattinson hasn't officially been dating anyone since his split with KStew. What's keeping him from getting back on the horse?

A source has told Entertainment Wise that the hunky [Life](movie:974904) star is struggling with trust issues, and is still reeling from Kristen Stewart's public affair. When questioned about the possibility Robsten could ever reignite their love the source explained;

He would never get back with her (Kristen); she disappointed him like no one before. He doesn't look at her the same anymore. But, Kristen that he thought he knew is still stuck in his head. This is why it is so hard for him to move on, he can't trust girls anymore

Whereas I doubt Rob is misogynistic enough to let the actions of one person poison his view of an entire gender, I do understand how being cheated on can damage your self esteem and make it harder for you to trust.

To be honest with you, I think the issue is more a matter of Rob's gruelling work schedule and him actually enjoying the single life though. The gossip rags seem to think that it is impossible for someone to be happy and fulfilled without being constantly linked to a stream of romantic partners, but we all know that isn't true.

Maybe both Rob and Kristen haven't 'moved on' because they are satisfied with their lives, and don't need another person to validate them. Just a thought!

Whatever the reality of the situation is, I just really hope that Rob is happy. He always comes across as such a down-to-earth genuine guy in interviews and imagining him having severe trust issues is just plain sad.


Rob is single because...

(Source: Entertainment Wise via Long Live Gossip)

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