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Hands up who wants to smell Ian Somerhalder! Well, now you can because his gorgeous visage is the face of Azzaro Pour Homme scent.

The ever-smouldering star puts on his best seductive smirk in the 30 second commercial and proves that his pulling power can conquer even the longest of tables.

I'm not sure if this is the best advertisement for the scent really. Surely 95 percent of the world's female population would be scrambling across that table like a crazed squirrel to get to [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) star, even if he smelt like 5 day old sweat and old socks?

Check out the super sexy video below:

For those of you who are curious about if the scent is true to the essence of Somehalder, I have done a little research on your behalf. With aromatic and sunny heart notes and daring seductive woody notes as a base, Azzaro Pour Homme sounds like an accurate description of Somerhalder's characteristics.

So, whose hapless boyfriend is getting doused with the scent of Somerhalder in the next few days?


Would you buy a scent because of the celebrity face featured in the advertising campaign?

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(Images: Moviepilot)


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