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They play two bloodsucking undead vampire brothers stuck in a love triangle, so would it be that surprising if Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley's real lives mirrored those of their on-screen counterparts? Might they 'hate' each other?

That is what it might have seemed like for a moment the other day when Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon on the show, was stopped on the red carpet at Paleyfest and asked how he felt about Paul Wesley. He said:

"I hate working with him as an actor"

Don't get too carried away though. The question was related to the fact the Paul Wesley has started to direct some of The Vampire Diaries episodes, Somerhalder had just said "I love working with him as a director" - and he was clearly joking anyway.

Still, with a Season 5 preview recently released, fans of The Vampire Diaries may be happy to hear anything at all from the stars of the show.

So what do you think? Do Somerhalder and Wesley get on? Will Somerhalder and Dobrev reunite? It is almost as if the lives of these stars were as interesting as the show itself.

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Do you think Somerhalder and Wesley like each other?


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