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Fans of The Fault In Our Stars have an extra reason to tune into the MTV Movie Awards now. It has been revealed that both Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort will present their own segment AND treat audiences to previously unseen footage of the movie.

If you are itching for some [The Fault In Our Stars](movie:602185) footage, you won't need to wait until the night though. MTV has sneakily included a micro-peek of the movie in the promo video to get you good and hooked! Take a look at the clip below:

While it's unclear just how much footage will be revealed, I think we can make an educated guess that MTV will be pulling the curtain back on slightly more that 20 seconds of footage on the night itself!

I can't wait to see Woodley and Elgort in action, the pair seem to have great chemistry together and I'm sure their combined sense of humor will whip up some respectable jokes.

The Fault In Our Stars is due to hit theaters on June 6th 2014 and The MTV Movie Awards will be broadcast on Sunday April 13th at 9/8c!


Will The Fault In Our Stars clip make you tune into the MTV Movie Awards?

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