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Edge of Tomorrow, the new Tom Cruise movie is a little like a cross between Groundhog Day and Halo.

A horde of aliens invade, and Bill Cage - a rookie soldier without any combat experience - is dropped into battle on a suicide mission. Unsurprisingly, he dies with five minutes.

The weird thing is what happens next: he wakes up, before the battle has started and must go to fight again.

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It is a feeling that a lot of video game players must know. But it would be different if you were trapped inside it. With each successive fight, he begins to learn where the enemy is and what they will do. And even better, he is aided by Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) who is also aware of the time loop.

It is an interesting concept - but have they pulled it off? Take a look at the official main trailer and decide for yourself.

So what do you think? Is Edge of Tomorrow an interesting sci-fi film? Will they do the concept justice? And have any of you read the original, the Japanese sci-fi novel All You Need Is Kill?

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