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The hype surrounding 1999's The Blair Witch Project was perhaps the most successful stunt of all time; shot for a measly $22,000, the movie made almost $250 million back. How? The producers of this independent supernatural horror movie presented their work as 'found footage', claiming that the whole movie had been discovered after three student documentary-makers went into the sticks of Maryland and disappeared while searching for the Blair Witch.

The movie broke the world record for the highest box-office-proceeds-to-budget ratio in movie history and the town was immediately overrun by tourists looking for clues of the missing subjects...

While The Blair Witch Project was the first found-footage of its kind, the Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 went back to a traditional approach. Now, filmmakers Eduardo Sánchez and Daniel Myrick are entertaining the idea of a third movie. But, in a recent interview, Sánchez revealed that a whole lot is resting on Lionsgate:

You know, Lionsgate owns the property, so it’s obviously up to them right now... We’ve been talking to them for the past four or five years about doing it, but there’s nothing really in the works right now with us. But I think you’re right and maybe just being back at Lionsgate will help move things forward on another Blair Witch movie.

The found footage sub-genre of horror has always been one of the best at inducing immediate and very real fear - not to mention the box office earnings.

With movies like Paranormal Activity 5 on the way in October and Drew Barrymore's Happy Camp released this week, found footage movies are still very much in the picture. That said, it seems strange that Lionsgate are yet to jump on the probable cash-cow that is Blair Witch 3.

What do you guys think about all of this? Would you want to see another Blair Witch movie, or have you had enough of watching shaky-cam runny noses for a lifetime? Hit me up in the comments!



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