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Chandler Riggs - who plays Carl Grimes - might be four feet of zombie-killing, chocolate pudding-munching badassery on The Walking Dead, but out in the real world he can't always have things his own way.

Riggs was desperate to appear on this Sunday's episode of The Talking Dead, appealing to host Chris Hardwick for an invitation to the show:

Cue much begging and pleading from Riggs's legion of fans to get him an invite. Hardwick responded that he was welcome to come on anytime but AMC shut the request down:

Boo! I wonder what the reason was for AMC's reluctance to have Riggs on the show? Is the season finale so bloody and controversial they decided it wouldn't be right to have a kid talk about it? I really hope so...

On a positive note, Andrew Lincoln will make his debut appearance on The Talking Dead this Sunday. Let's experience this awesomeness together as part of our final live blog of the season. Join me at

Why do you think Riggs wasn't allowed to appear on The Talking Dead? Drop your theories in the comment section below.


Riggs is not allowed on the show because...


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