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Hannah McLoughlin

You know the classic argument of which superhero would beat another in a fight? We've all spent plenty of time comparing strengths and weakness of various superheroes to predict an outcome. Today we're focusing on an incredibly important and very particular superhero characteristic. HOTNESS!

That's right! It is time for the Ultimate Superheroes Hottie Showdown Extravaganza!

Let the games begin:

'Thor' Blimey!

Two brothers, both alike in gorgeousness . But which one of these Gods wins your heart?


Thor or Loki?

Marvel Manliness

[The Wolverine](movie:34674) has been a long standing model of MCU's manimal sexiness but has the iron clad dream boat Tony Stark stolen his limelight?


Wolverine or Tony Stark?

Days of Hotties Past

These two pieces of mutant eye candy will be gracing our screens in [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) on May 23rd. But will Fassbender's magnetism overcome McAvoy's telepathic wooing?


(Young) Magneto or (Young) Professor X?

Vintage Variety

At 76 and 81, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine have still got it! Which one of these delectable old dears would you go for?


Lucius Fox or Alfred?

Batman vs. Superman

There's been a lot of heated debate over the upcoming [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) movie but there's only one thing we need to be focusing on - who's hotter?!


Batman or Superman?

Bonus Batman Bad Boy Round

For me, this is the hardest choice of all. The hefty hunk Hardy or the late great Heath...


Bane or The Joker?

There you have it - 5 rounds of the toughest Superheroes battles.

Go ahead and share with your friends and see who they picked! Though disagreements over a game of 'Who's hotter' has been known to end friendships.


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