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Lawrence Gaines

The now seemingly infamous Tom Hanks rap (here's a link if you haven't herd it yet (listener discretion advised) has as of this post gotten 406,000 views and it appears some people really like Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks seems like a down to Earth, sane, rational individuals known for his every man roles and kind warm hearted normal behavior? You know who seems to not be? Tom Cruise; yes from going bat s*** on Oprah doing his own stunts and having seeming Barry Allen levels of adrenaline and energy and running his ass off in almost every movie he's in it seems that Tom Cruise for all intents and purposes seems to be Bizarro Tom Hanks. So how better to cash in on....I mean honor a rising viral video then to give Tom Cruise the Manic Movie Man his own review series across most of his IMDB filmography starting with my favorite Tom Cruise film: Top Gun!


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