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I'm a movie, TV, video game, comic and music geek with major love for 70's-modern horror movies, 80's-modern action movies and more.
Lawrence Gaines

As a 90's kid and horror geek there's two major TV shows that I'll always remember scaring the crap out of me; The X Files and Tales From The Crypt. How could a kid not be terrified of them with all of the gore, suspense, twists and more they were both amazing shows and the last thing a conservative parent like mine would want their precious little offspring to watch. I couldn't get enough of them though, this was my Star Wars and those oft times I was alone with a TV as a youth when they were on I couldn't get enough of them. However in my later years I'm baffled that with all of the nostalgia that seems to be going around of older properties no one has really done an in depth look at the show episode by episode. Have no fear though boils and ghouls Lawrence is here as I give an in depth look episode by episode of one of my favorite fright fests.So sit hack and enjoy the bad puns that only the Crypt Keeper could come up with and enjoy my upcoming Tales from the Crypt fright fest series.


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