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Upon reading about the events involving the Bent Bullet conspiracy, I noticed that some OTHER mutants were critically involved in the massacre as well, which is totally cool that they did so.

The sites and also under the [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) quotes section gave us a lot of insight and perceptiveness on the situation in a fictional yet fun sense to further promote DOFP. Some people thought that this promotion lacked tastefulness in a sense that this was premiered on the anniversary of the late Kennedy's death, but it got us (NERDS) talking.

The most interesting parts that stood out to me was that the WHOLE Brotherhood of Mutants (seen in the ending scene in X-Men: First Class) were involved too and not just Magneto.

IMDB states that the whole thing started with the CIA (code named MEN IN BLACK) starting up the "Project Wideawake" operation, stemming from the past events involving the Cuban Missile Crisis in which two members of the Brotherhood was hunted down and killed (Angel and Azazel).

This brought Mystique to further go into action to assassinate JFK and later try to pose as him in order to bring power to mutants. (sounds too familiar with Sen. Kelly I suppose) So she poses as Erik on that grassy knoll and fires off the augmented bullet with the help of Lee Harvey Oswald under a mental spell (a la Emma Frost) to kill the president. Shortly after the devastating events that occurred, Emma Frost persists on covering their tracks by mentally manipulating Jack Kirby into killing off Oswald. However Magneto testified that he was trying to prevent the attack on the president.

Magneto was quickly incarcerated and there is no doubt that he was pissed yet delighted about his new infamous title (WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS MUTANT). Since then that I read this propaganda I suddenly started to piece some things together with the DOFP movie. bare with me on this....

1. These events ignited the Sentinel program created by Bolivar Trask in order to scapegoat mutants altogether and to cover up his own sense of mutation (dwarfism) .

2. This outcome will no less be brought up in heated conversation with young Charles and Erik on DOFP. (the plane scene particularly)

3. This leads Mystique to believe that Magneto wants revenge on her for framing him in that case. Which leads to her "lone agent" persona on DOFP.

4. All of this puts Charles in a state of depression seeing that his best friend is jailed, his formally adopted sister/friend is on the run, and not to mention his paralysis is getting the best of him.

So, do you think that this all makes any sense?? or do you have anything to add or argue?? sound off..


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