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Carol Salvatore

Mary, Mary quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

The possibility of such fast growing sunflowers and veggies could be from... human fertilizer?

Just the expression on her face as they enter creepy land scares me. I think I would have to turn around and go back out taking my chances with the walkers. I feel I would have a fighting chance.

Mary played by Denise Crosby is not new to the zombie game. She played the Mom who comes back in Stephen Kings, Pet Sematary. She was quite scary then also.

What's worse then a passive aggressive individual?

Yep...a passive aggressive cannibalistic psycho.

If the rumors are all true then I think that is what our favorite Walking Dead group is walking into. How do they control their victims?

  • By feeding them tainted human meat?
  • By putting them all in the same room and gassing them to unconsciousness?
  • Or maybe even slitting their throats, hanging them upside down until they bleed out?

Just how sadistic are these people?

Well I guess we will all find out this Sunday, March 30th or will we?

Denise Crosby was a walking zombie before. 
Denise Crosby was a walking zombie before. 

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