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During an interview with upcoming Lex Luthor actor Jesse Eisenberg with MTV to promote his new animated film Rio 2, Eisenberg was asked if he would indeed be shaving his head for role of the iconic DC supervillain. Here's what he had to say:

Oh, I’m not allowed to say anything about anything for the next six years. I haven’t called my mom back in months.

As usual, Eisenberg's wit absolutely humors every audience, but did he unintentionally reveal some key information? Six years is a rather specific and unusually odd number to just pick out of the blue, unless of course it isn't random.

If perhaps his contract deals with his limitation of information leaks for a potential six years down the road, an enormous chunk of time after the filming and debut of Batman vs. Superman, then we may have just got confirmation that Eisenberg has a multi-picture deal and could return to the franchise for films such as Justice League and sequels as well as future Man of Steel movies!

To top it all off, in the same interview, the interviewer was smart enough to ask Eisenberg's co-star Anne Hathaway if she could potentially be reprising her role as Catwoman! Hathaway says she hasn't been approached about it, but would be interested in taking up the role of the burglar once again.

Man of Steel 2 hits theaters July 15th, 2015.


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