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Man of Steel gets so many mixed reviews and splits the fans apart with majority of fans liking the film, but majority of critics do not. Some say it was emotionless, some say it's too many action, and some say it was not as what we hoped. Honestly, what I say I this was the beginning of character grow for Superman and other characters. It was the first movie of the DC cinematic universe. I have an idea of how you can see these characters grow.

Clark Kent /Kal-El

Man of Steel 
Man of Steel 

Quite a few complained the Superman did not have any character development, which the flashbacks made up for. They showed how his past shaped him as the man he is now. Yes, I know, Superman killed Zod in Man of Steel and lots of people are complicating that Superman doesn't kill(even though there are times he does in the comics.) Think of it this way: Clark in his past, he was not allow to "cut loose" and let the bullying go on without him doing anything. There were scenes in the movie the showed he was tested by people and Zod was the breaking point.

Not only did [Man of Steel](movie:15593) displayed how Superman his letting out his angry, but also an inexperienced hero that is trying to be excepted by some of the very people who alienated him and the rest of the world.

Now DC has the opportunity to show Superman find anyway to subdue a villain other than killing them because putting down Zod will haunt him. When Superman is facing villains now, he hands them to the authorities not because it's "the right thing to do," more so that he is scared to do what his Krypton father allows and what his Earth father does not. He's basically at odds with himself. This is where Batman were might come in.

Since they want a more experienced, older Batman(I wanted a Batman that is 1 or 2 years in has career) he can be an example to him. This is where it can get crazy. Batman is very skeptical and does not anyone while Superman was taught to blend in. Not only that, but the police and other people of Law Enforce wants to capture Batman. Now Clark is again at odds with following his example and be the hero that the Law does not allow or to do what is exceptionable to the government. This will give Superman a sense of control and possible leader role(that is obvious.)

These experiences can give a foundation to grow upon and you can actually see that progress.

Lois Lane

A lot of people said they did not like the portrayal of Amy Adams' Lois Lane. I didn't think it was bad, though there is room for improvement. Her portrayal of Lois Lane didn't strike people as the usual as the assertive and strong woman Lois is(In Man of Steel, they did not do it much, but they definitely put her in dangerous situations.) Like I said with Superman, she can grow because of her experiences and become the Lois Lane that put know, the assertive, bold reporter and what can put help with that is Lex Luthor.

Amy Adams didn't give off the energy of the "Lois Lane" type strong, but that could change. Lex Luthor can be a manipulative person, knowing Lois has a connection to Superman. This is her chance to start catch on to Lex Luthor's motives and be sharper than ever.

The love between Lois and Supes was a little rush, but it would be interesting to see them grow apart in the DCU, but I haven't thought of that yet.

So what do you guys think. What kind of improvement and grow for the Man of Steel and the DC cinematic universe can have. Leave a comment below.

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