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Anne Parsons

HBO are so delightfully confident with True Detective, that they have submitted their eight-part series into the primetime Emmy drama series categories rather than the miniseries ones. And I think they're right.

[True Detective](series:755331), the critically acclaimed Pizzolatto-Fukunaga creation, was a triumph for HBO. Indeed they undoubtedly would have swept up all of the miniseries awards at the Emmys, but they have ultimately decided to take the gamble and ride with the big boys. True Detective will be up against the heavyweights such as [Breaking Bad](series:200567),[Homeland](series:201880), [Mad Men](series:200778) and the other HBO hits [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) and [Boardwalk Empire](series:200674), so it's not like competition isn't going to be tough.

But the series that ran through January and February caused quite the stir, and McConaughey's performance may have paved his way for his Oscar win. Do you think the hype will last until the actual Emmy awards ceremony on August 25?

(Source: Variety, The Wire)


Do you think TD is good enough to be entered into the primetime drama categories?


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